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Proven for Professional
Services Companies

Proven makes it simple for VC Backed portfolio companies to choose the best professional services suppliers.

Prove that you’re up for the job

Make life easy for new companies who are deciding who to do business with.  Proven showcases the results you drive for your top clients, and helps VC backed companies to choose your company based on the great client list you have. The more you show, the higher your visibility.

Make it easy for your
prospects to say “yes”

Proven independently verifies your client partnerships. So your prospects can see for themselves why they should listen to and trust you.

Attract new leads using Proven

Close more deals by helping new investors to learn more about you, calculated by our patent pending algorithm. The better your clients, the better your visibility.

How does Proven work?

At Proven, we believe that great companies have great clients. Proven independently verifies the links between you and your clients in a private and secure way. Proven then gives increased visibility to the firms that have high quality, long term client relationships.  This makes it easy for you to stand out to your prospects, so you can close more deals and grow your business faster.

Boost Your Credibility

Your prospects know who to reach out to by having your third party relationships verified, and be secure in the knowledge that you're a high quality provider of services.


There's no need to show any of your client relationships. . Your client details can remain confidential, with no consequence to your Proven Visibility.

Cost effective

Proven is a service you can use to grow your business. Premium subscribers can upgrade to see who's checking out their Proven Profile.

Stay top of mind

Proven makes the process of finding a new professional service firm easy.

Stand out from your competitors

Help new prospects understand how you’re different. Having a Proven profile and high Proven Visibility makes you stand out from your competitors and win new business.

Find new customers

Share your Proven profile with your prospects. You’ll earn their trust quickly and easily, so you win more bids and contracts.

Ready to get started?

Get organized with vendors.  Set up a proven profile for your organization.