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About Proven

Proven was developed by a team of experts in marketing, bid management and sales to help solve one problem: Help companies to find the right professional services firm quickly.

Who's behind Proven?

Miguel Avila, Co Founder

Miguel has been building startups in Asia Silicon Valley and Europe for the past 10 years. He's been involved with international site selection, has worked with some of the largest vendors on their RFP (Request for Proposals) strategy, and has built high quality software in the vendor management space.

Eugen Vasilenko, CTO

Eugen is the CTO and lead developer at Proven. Eugen has been working on complex RFP and online marketplaces for the past 5 years. Eugen has been developing cutting edge Python infrastructure for clients in Eastern Europe and Silicon Valley.

Jagmeet Lamba, Advisor

Jag is an ex McKinsey consultant and built one of the most successful vendor compliance software suites, in use by Fortune 500 and international consuting firms. Jag bring a wealth of knowledge to the Proven platform.

Philip McNamara, Advisor

Philip has been helping startups get started in Silicon Valley and Ireland for the past 10 years. He has helped companies move to the US and US companies move to Ireland. He has worked with one of Ireland's most successful BPOs to grow 10X and is very connected in Silicon Valley.

Suzanne Jordan, CMO

Suzanne has been helping to build international conferences and events for the past 5 years, and has worked in some of Ireland's most successful companies. She's worked on multi million dollar RFPs and has helped bring software and services products to the market.

Hanzel Campos - Quality Control

Hanzel makes sure our software is bug free and runs smoothly. Based in Manila, Hanzel ensurse our systems are up and running and

Sergey Kulesy - Developer

Sergey is our second lead developer at Proven. Sergey is involved in the day to day running of our system, maintaining our platform, creating new features and keeping our platform new and up to date.

Why Proven?

Proven was developed by experts based between Silicon Valley and Europe to help solve a big problem. How do you find the most qualified company to help your business? To be Proven means having a high quality track record of success.

Proven is designed to build trust.

Proven works by verifying direct relationships between buyers of services and professional services firms. It's hard to find the right company with the right experience, and it's hard to find the right person in the right company. Proven's goal is to solve these problems.

Brings transparency to client/vendor relationships

Word of mouth is the most valuable reference there is. Proven builds on word of mouth referrals by independently verifying client/vendor relationships, so new companies can quickly find the highest quality vendor.

Reduces the cost of finding high quality clients and Vendors

We all know how difficult and expensive it is to find new clients, and on the flip side, how hard it is to find the highest quality vendors. Proven's goal is to simplify this process by allowing both sides to meet, without the high cost of marketing associated with a traditional marketing campaign.

get high quality leads

Proven captures high quality data about each visitor to a vendors profile. This premium service gives professional services firms and VC firms an insight into who's interested in service providers.

"Proven Premium gives you insights into who's looking at your company in real time, allowing you to reach leads at exactly the right time" John Smith, Proven

Why we created Proven

Simplifies the search for the right partner

We know about the challenges of finding the best vendors and professional services firms because we have lived it for many years. There is a lot of conflicting information about the best companies. Proven is designed to ease the process by finding out what kind of clients each company has, and who else trusts them.

Helps Find the right vendors

With so much marketing out there, it's hard to really get to the bottom of who's the right vendor. Proven cuts out the marketing by asking one simple question: Who are your clients? The more clients a company has is a sign of the quality of their work, and we believe that great companies have great clients.

Provides value

We wanted to be more than a directory of companies. Proven provides value to both VC firms and professional services firms by unearthing the details of which companies are visiting the Proven Platform. 

Ready to get started?

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