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Portfolio companies need to focus on building their business and not spend time selecting vendors. Did you know that early stage companies have to choose over 100 different vendors, just to make their growth possible? Later stage companies have hundreds of vendors. If you really want to add value to your portfolio companies, then a platform like Proven can help.

Your portfolio companies need help when it comes to choosing the right vendors, partners, and suppliers to work with in your country or region. Proven helps by allowing you to create a custom marketplace of trusted vendors that can help your portfolio companies on their journey. From local banks, accountants, lawyers to recruiters, as well as SaaS platforms, you know who to trust in on the ground, but your portfolio companies might not.  Most PCs will simply go online, do a search for service providers and choose the wrong company, slowing down their growth, or worse, choosing a vendor that causes them reputational damage. As a PE firm, you want to add value, and save money across the entire portfolio. With Proven, you can understand the range of vendors that portfolio companies are using, and what kinds of discounts are on offer from vendors.

Proven allows you to recommend the highest quality vendors and connect them to your portfolio easily and quickly, and then get feedback on the performance of these vendors, suppliers, and partners. No more guessing on how they performed. As an investment manager, you control which suppliers appear on the platform, and you control the conversations. Vendor selection and recommendation can be difficult, and is fraught with reputational risk, as there is no fair way to recommend vendors, and it is hard to be transparent. With Proven, you can give your portcos an online dashboard of recommended vendors, and they can choose themselves, or you can recommend the vendors you want them to choose.

Proven is being used by some of the most sophisticated VC and PE firms in the world, who use this digital-first platform to recommend, track and get feedback on vendors, suppliers, and partners. Vendor management software like Proven is an important tool for any modern VC and PE Firm. If you're interested in giving your portcos a big advantage by helping them to choose the right vendors quickly and easily, as well as getting access to millions of dollars in deals and discounts, then Proven is the way to go.