Discounting depending on models and employee count ranging from basic payroll, to PEO, to Full Service Back-Office Admin & Payroll Outsourcing, to Global & Multi-Country Solutions.
$ 50,000
Up to 60% Discount Depending On Product
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Basic Info

ADP is the largest, most expansive Human Capital Management provider in the world.

Why do some of the most prestigious VC firms in the world partner with ADP? Because we create value for every portfolio company, regardless of size or location. We support more than 900,000 businesses and process payroll for one in six American workers.

When you work with ADP, your company can take advantage of:

  • Small Business, to Mid-Market, to Enterprise Payroll
  • Time & Attendance and Workforce Management Products
  • Workforce Predictive Analytics through ADP's Datacloud
  • Talent Management: From Recruiting to Retirement
  • Benefits & Insurance
  • HR Outsourcing and PEO
  • 385+ 3rd Party Marketplace App Integrations

Why work with us

Unlike other vendors that singularly offer stand-alone Payroll Services, a-la-carte & market rate benefits, a PEO, or HCM Technology as their sole product model -- ADP has the scalability and product breadth to be with you from 1 employee to 1000+ on a single tech solution.