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Basic Info

Airkit is a low code digital engagement platform.

Problem: Companies scale with headcount, not technology.

Airkit's Solution: We empower customer obsessed teams to build automated, customer facing apps.

Why work with us

šŸ˜ŽPurpose Built for CX: Engage your customers digitally across any channel, on any device

  • Omnichannel, modern, and smart digital experiences
  • Mobile, responsive, and dynamic

ā˜ļøIntegrations: Connect to any system to personalize experiences and automate processes

  • Clicks not code to connect with system of record (Salesforce, Zendesk)
  • Robust API for homegrown systems

šŸ“ˆAdvanced Reporting: Detailed insights on journey optimization to quickly test and iterate

  • Click by click analysis
  • Advanced BI insights

šŸŽRapid Deployment: Empower your team to create experiences in days with 20+ building blocks

  • Accelerate speed to market 100x faster
  • Low maintenance requirement, rapid iteration

šŸ”’Enterprise Grade: Secure and compliant