Up to $10,000 in free credits for Ascend's Unified Data Engineering Platform available. Build 10x faster, automate maintenance, and reduce your data infrastructure costs.
$ 10,000
Up to $10,000 in free credits for Ascend's Unified Data Engineering Platform.
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Basic Info, the Data Automation Cloud, provides the most advanced automation for data engineering workloads. Ascend unifies data engineering’s core capabilities—ingestion, transformation, delivery, orchestration, and observability—into a single platform so teams deliver 10X faster. Engineering productivity is a top priority, and with Ascend’s DataAwareTM intelligence, data teams no longer spend hours orchestrating brittle data workloads and instead rely on advanced automation to optimize the entire data lifecycle.

Ascend helps gridlocked teams break through constraints to build, manage and optimize the increasing number of data workloads with:

  • Data Ingestion: Ascend gives you the power to connect to popular data sources with pre-built connectors, or create your own with Ascend’s flex-code interface.
  • Data Transformation: Normalize, enrich, filter, aggregate, and otherwise transform data in SQL, Python, Scala or Java. Drive Ascend programmatically with our Python SDK or build interactively through our low-code visual interface.
  • Data Delivery: Reverse ETL any data set to any destination including popular databases, blob stores, and warehouses whether on-premises or cross-cloud.
  • Data Orchestration: Ascend’s DataAware automation is an industry first to incrementally propagate data across data pipelines, checkpoint data at each transform to guarantee the data integrity.
  • Data Observability: Visualize activity across your pipelines, understand costs, trace lineage, monitor events, and more.

Why work with us

  • Cost Savings: Ascend runs in your infrastructure on almost 100% Spot / Preemptible instances, greatly reducing the cost of your big data infrastructure.
  • Democratize Data Engineering: enable more of your team to build advanced data pipelines that connect with the tools they already know and love.
  • Build up to 10x faster: with data pipelines requiring 95% less code and integrated features for interactive design, Ascend provides the fastest way of going from prototype to production.
  • Automated Maintainance: Ascend's DataAwareTM system tracks all changes to code and data, offloading the vast majority of traditional data engineering maintenance activities.