As part of the program, startups gain access to a special plan that includes support for 100K monthly external active users with up to 5 enterprise connections and access to many of our enterprise features such as Enterprise Identity Providers, Pro MFA & Password Protection, and SSO – all free for an entire year.
$ 20,000
Free for 1 Year: We make your login box awesome
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Basic Info

Auth0, a product unit within Okta, takes a modern approach to identity and enables startups to provide secure access to any application, for any user. The Auth0 Identity Platform is as simple as startups want but as flexible as they need with features like SSO, MFA, universal login, and passwordless authentication.

Why work with us

Auth0 makes authentication and authorization easy with 50+ Integrations, 60+ SDKs, and 50+ Social & IdP connections. We secure billions of logins every year and were named a 2021 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM Leader in Access Management.

With employees located in over 30 countries, our support teams are available 24/7, worldwide. Our global presence enables us to provide peerless support and availability, assisting customers all over the world.