The WHO hiring method is a simple 4-step process for hiring the right people with a 90% success rate. It is core to how top recruitment teams hire talent at scale. This offering is a 45-minute meeting with one of our recruitment managers to walk through how to build an objective, modern hiring process for any role you are recruiting for. At the end, you'll receive two deliverables: A scorecard to help standardize the evaluation of candidates. An interview plan, assigning clear roles and responsibilities throughout the interview. These two assets are cornerstones of a modern hiring process. When used properly, they empower hiring managers and teams to move quickly and assess candidates objectively. If you're not interested in the above, we can also just talk through any hiring problems instead.
$ 1,000
WHO Role-Scoping Breakdown (45 minutes)
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Basic Info

Beacon is the talent solution provider for the modern era, and is on a mission to change the way that companies hire. Founded by a team of operators who bring a fresh, out-of-the-box approach to talent, Beacon is a true partner who is invested in your success, not just another client-vendor relationship. By applying expertise from disciplines like sales and marketing, Beacon embeds our flexible talent team with best practices to help you attract, engage and retain the right people, whether your talent program is starting from scratch or you already have a team in place.

Why work with us

Beacon advises on complex hiring problems and manages recruitment pipelines from source to close. We can integrate with your existing talent team or help you build a process from scratch.

Our model focuses on aligning incentives and working as your partner. It's an approach that prioritizes candor and putting work in upfront, so we can help run an efficient hiring process and save time over the long-run.

When sourcing candidates, we systematically use inbound and outbound channels to engage talent and build proprietary pipelines (i.e. they don't shop candidates around). Throughout our process, we manage resume screens, phone screens and coordination, so your team only spends time talking to quality candidates.

Our specialty is growth-stage startups. We work across a variety of roles, including technical ones such as engineering, product, and design.