Perk to scale CEOs, Executive Teams, and Boards We’re excited to share a promotional offer to help you find executive and board talent in a faster, more cost-effective way using Bolster. Bolster is an executive talent network that includes thousands of C-level executives from diverse backgrounds who are available for on-demand work (including interim & fractional), mentoring / coaching, board placements, or full time work. As a member of our portfolio network, you’re eligible for $1,000 off your first placement on Bolster. You can apply this credit toward an assisted on-demand search, a board placement, a full-time hire, or Bolster Prime fees.
$ 1,000
$1000 credit to scale CEOs, Executive Teams, and Boards
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Basic Info

Bolster helps companies scale their CEOs, Executive Teams, and Boards.

They've helped thousands of early and late stage companies find senior executives using its online marketplace of thousands of executives. Their diverse member network includes executives seeking on-demand roles (interim, fractional, or project-based), mentorship or coaching opportunities, independent board roles or full-time work.

Bolster also provides programmatic mentorship and venture capital through Bolster Prime and Bolster Ventures.

Why work with us

Bolster gives you access to a network of thousands of executives available to help you scale your business faster, smarter, and more cost effectively.

Leadership and board roles are mission-critical to the success of any business yet are the hardest roles to fill, especially in dynamic startups and scaleups. More and more companies are using on-demand talent to fill these specialized executive roles and level-up and diversify their existing teams.

Bolster is the marketplace to connect high-growth companies with trusted and flexible executive talent. Our platform matches executives with startup and scaleup CEOs based on each company’s unique needs and each executive’s unique experience.

Our services engage our diverse communities of executives, give executives the tools they need to manage their business or consulting practice, help CEOs understand the scalability of their executive teams and boards, and enable investors to seamlessly connect their networks to their portfolio companies.