Employ anyone, in any number of countries, for no additional fees. Whether you use Boundless to hire employees in one country or 10, there is no charge to activate any country. The only fee is 8% of the total cost of payroll.
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Basic Info

Go beyond, employ globally with confidence!

Boundless is a global Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), which acts as an Employer of Record (EoR) in a growing number of countries, ensuring full compliance with local employment laws.

We empower organisations to confidently employ anyone globally that's best for their people and best for the business. Our customers don't have to incorporate, set up bank accounts, file taxes, run payroll or do any other additional overheads, aside from focusing on the growth of their business.

Through fully owned infrastructure and highly vetted partnerships, we take on all local employment responsibilities, including running payroll, filing taxes, providing statutory benefits and enabling access to all employee rights.

We want to work with the best socially responsible employers in the world and help them act as trusted, responsible and desirable employers anywhere in the world!

Why work with us

  • Our founders come from operations and product backgrounds and have faced first-hand the difficulty of compliantly employing people beyond borders and know what it takes to solve global employment
  • We are the trusted thought leader in our space and spend a big chunk of our time producing detailed explainers and country guides to help you on the path of global employment
  • We move beyond just compliance and "not getting in trouble" and work to raise the bar and shape what great remote employment looks like
  • Our intuitive and elegant platform allows you to easily onboard and manage all your distributed employees and have a birds-eye view of their data, contracts and payroll