Capchase - Deferred revenue advance
If you request funding at Capchase through Proven, we promise a guaranteed turnaround of 8h.
$ 1,000
Funding approval in less than 8h
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Basic Info

Capchase offers non-dilutive / non-debt financing that enables SaaS companies and other cloud businesses with recurring revenues to extend their runways by up to 50 percent and increase revenue by up to 80 percent.

It is totally invisible for end-customers and painless for SaaS founders. The process from entering the platform to transforming subscriptions into cash requires <1 minute of Founder efforts.

Capchase is backed by Bling Capital, Scifi - Max Levchin's VC and Caffeinated Capital

Why work with us

We are better than Venture Debt or any other type of financing in every single dimension:

  • Pricing - cheaper and easier to understand
  • Approval process - within the same day
  • Scope - 12x of MRR
  • Balance sheet structure - Capchase is not debt, only deferred revenue advance