$5,000 off software license fees and 50% off implementation fees Firms like Uber, Etsy and Box use Certa to manage procurement, compliance and/or contracts. Start getting your back office ready now for scale-up. Certa’s modular and lightweight solution can easily scale and grow with you.
$ 5,000
$5,000 off software license fees and 50% off implementation fees
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Basic Info

Is delayed on-boarding of suppliers, partners or clients slowing down your business?

Certa is a no-code workflow platform

Certa helps you onboard, mitigate risk and manage contracting of your extended enterprise of suppliers, partners and clients.

Certa unifies the end to end process bringing together:

  1. Cross-functional groups: E.g., infosec, procurement, TPRM, legal, compliance
  2. External data: E.g., D&B, BvD, SecurityScorecard, Resilinc, LexisNexis, more
  3. Internal systems: E.g., ERP, CRM, P2P, CLM, Home Grown
  4. AI services: E.g., NLP, entity recognition, optimization

As a result, Certa, enables you to:

  1. Onboard third parties >2x faster
  2. 30% lower effort and cost
  3. Manage all risk domains and 100% compliance
  4. Maintain a searchable 360 degree view of all your third party relationships

Certa has helped firms scale firms like:

  • Uber
  • Etsy
  • Dun & Bradstreet

Only Certa provides:

  1. in-app collaboration: @user/team messaging, internal and external, full history trail, task assignment
  2. Enterprise scaleability: Add risk domains, multitude of use cases, tailored business rules by region/category/function, etc.
  3. Extreme transparency: Happier business users and stakeholders
  4. Ridiculous configurability: Through self-service no code design studio

Certa is powered by best in class no-code platform: Design studio (IDE):

  • Easy, logical & flexible enough for business users to update
  • Integrations marketplace... Content Cloud
  • Configurable best practice templates

Enables automation:

  • Automation bots
  • In-app reports & BI platform integrations
  • Swim-lanes for assigning tasks to groups or individuals


  • Fast Deployment
  • "Creator" collaboration and in-app support
  • Localization and Multi-lingual

Enterprise ready:

  • Multiple environments (e.g., dev, QA, staging) with approval gates
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption
  • SOC2 & GDPR compliant

1 Million + Entities Processed

Over 1 million companies have been onboarded / vetted via Certa in over 120 countries and 17+ languages

Customer love Certa:

“Certa is our single point of entry for all vendors in 80+ countries, 10 languages and across 100+ business units. We completed the implementation in 3 months, including integrations with our procurement (Coupa) and financial systems (oracle).”

Large Cap Tech Firm

“Certa improved efficiency by 30%, allowing our team to focus on the issues that require human judgment, not busy work.”

Top 3 Consulting Firm