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Value creation gratis diagnostic of portfolio finance & accounting health. Utilization of Consero client benchmarking data to assess health of F&A function against peers.
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Gratis Diagnostic across Portfolio Companies
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Basic Info

Consero provides outsourced BPO services through their “Finance as a Service” (FaaS) offering for B2B and Investment Management clients.

Consero is disrupting the way businesses build and maintain their finance function. For over a decade, the expert team at Consero has refined processes and incorporated software to provide stakeholders with clear insight into company performance and guidance to identify opportunities that can accelerate growth.

Through the combination of enterprise-level, industry-leading software and a dedicated team of experienced finance professionals, Consero delivers the services necessary to support a company’s daily operations, accelerate growth, and prepare for the future.

Services include a pre-integrated finance & accounting software stack, transactional accounting, controller-level compliance and reporting, transactional accounting, financial planning and analysis and strategic CFO support.

Industries Served: Software, Professional Services, Health Tech/Healthcare,

Marketplace e-Commerce and Investment Management Firms (PE/VC/Hedge Funds)