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Basic Info

Dgraph Labs (@dgraphlabs) is the creator of Dgraph, the only native GraphQL database on the market. With newly launched Dgraph Cloud, you can get a fully managed GraphQL backend within minutes. Our goal is to provide Google production-level scale and throughput to every developer working with GraphQL. With over 16,000 GitHub stars and over 14 million Docker pulls, Dgraph is the most popular open-source graph database in the market. Venture-backed with investors that include Redpoint and Bain Capital, Dgraph customers range from global Fortune 500 companies to emerging startups. For more information, visit https://dgraph.io/.

Why work with us

Dgraph Labs launched Dgraph Cloud, a fully managed GraphQL backend service. It uses GraphQL API for all interactions and provides /graphql endpoint for your application data on the Internet.

Why should you build your project with Dgraph Cloud?

  • Quick and easy - Your time is precious. Use it to create your app, not setting up servers. Our cloud service gives you a fully functioning GraphQL backend with a click of a button.
  • All in one - Dgraph Cloud comes with built-in auth, and the ability to query other endpoints based on your queries. Your end-users can directly hit endpoints, removing the hassle of coding and maintaining backends.
  • Grows with you - Dgraph Cloud is powered by Dgraph, the native GraphQL database with graph backend. It is horizontally scalable, transactional, and lightning-fast. You can take your app from MVP all the way to production.