Globalization Partners
Globalization Partners is a Global Employer of Record operating in 187 Countries around the World enabling companies to hire employees in Countries where they currently do not have a legal presence. $599 per professional / per month (some restrictions may apply) No Setup fees Promo available** First year, first professional FREE with a 24-month contract
$ 10,000
First Employee FREE For First Year! $599 per professional / per month
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Basic Info

Globalization Partners enables you to hire in 187 countries within days, and without the need to set up costly international subsidiaries. You identify great talent anywhere in the world, and we put them on our fully compliant global payroll—lifting the burden of global corporate tax, legal, and HR matters from your shoulders to ours. Whether it’s to test a new market or to hire internationally, we’ll have you up and running in a new country in days, not months.

Globalization Partners: Breaking Down Barriers for Everyone, Everywhere

Why work with us

From international labor issues to compliant contracts, finance, global payroll, and benefits, our team of international experts has seen it all. By using our comprehensive solution, any company can leverage our knowledge anywhere in the world. Clients come to us because they want to expand into a new country quickly, but don’t have the time to decipher local labor laws or set up their own subsidiary. Our team offers unmatched international legal and HR expertise, enabling companies like yours to expand their businesses internationally with confidence.

  • Focus on Building Your Business: We take on the administrative burden of global expansion
  • Enter a New Market in Record Time: Beat the competition by being first to market
  • Eliminate Consulting Fees: No need to hire lawyers, accountants, and payroll providers in multiple countries
  • Attract and Retain Top Talent: Provide your employees country-specific benefits and the security of full-time employment
  • Hire Via Our Subsidiaries: We have established subsidiaries around the world
  • Leverage Our Local Presence: We have team members in-country who speak the local language and can navigate the bureaucratic red tape
  • In-Country Expertise: We identify and minimize potential unforeseen risks during hiring and onboarding
  • Maintain Data Compliance: Privacy Shield certified for HR data