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We can provide information on local market opportunity, pull together different data sets available to government to inform decisions, and provide overview of relevant regulations and approvals processes no matter which industry you are operating in... all free of charge as a public service.
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Business Case Development
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Basic Info

Invest Victoria is the State Government of Victoria's investment attraction agency, fostering long-term economic prosperity by enabling business opportunities and job creation for Victoria.

We support global companies expand their operations and grow their business in Australia and the broader Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

We take a holistic approach to helping clients achieve their investment objectives, working proactively with them to bridge the gap between investor and the APAC market.

Why work with us

At Invest Victoria, we offer a range of free professional services and support, including:

  • Business case proposal development, provision of information on market entry, potential, and competition, research and development capabilities, labor market skills and talent, and cost of doing business;
  • Introductions to potential clients and partners, industry contact and local suppliers;
  • Fulfilling property requirements, including free confidential site identification and facilitation of planning and regulatory approvals;
  • Supporting visa applications and facilitating immigration queries;
  • Accessing assistance at all levels of government, including financial assistance to attract strategic investments to the state;
  • Ongoing provision of investor support, locally and globally, through Invest Victoria's extensive network of overseas officers.