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Basic Info

GCG provides expert finance, accounting, HR and CFO services for venture capital, investment funds and rapid-growth companies.

GCG’s client roster includes some of Silicon Valley’s most respected investment funds and rapidly growing companies. We have supported more than 800 organizations—some on a short-term basis and others over many years—across a range of technology-related industries. We enjoy close ties with the funding community and professional service providers in multiple disciplines around the globe.

Over the last two decades, we have focused on serving a specific client base:

•   60% of our clients are startups or midmarket companies
•   40% are venture capital or private equity funds
•   15% are located outside the US or have an international presence
•   85% were referred by other satisfied clients
•   45% are repeat clients

Our scalable and cost-effective model is designed to serve startups, midmarket companies, and venture capital or private equity firms across the following industries:

•   Emerging Technologies (AI, VR, iOT, etc.)
•   SaaS companies
•   Life sciences
•   Telecommunications
•   Service firms
•   Entertainment and media
•   Consumer products

Why work with us

Greenough Consulting Group (GCG) provides finance, accounting, and human resources services to Technology companies, Venture Capital, and Private Equity Funds. Our flexible, scalable, and cost-effective model gives small and growing organizations access to trusted executives with decades of experience as CEOs, CFOs, HR executives, and Fund Managers.

Trusted: Over two decades, GCG has served over 600 Technology companies and 200 Venture Capital and Alternative Investment Funds. Our reputation for accuracy, senior attention, and exceptional client service has made us one of the financial community’s most highly recommended back-office services firms.

Experienced: Our team is comprised entirely of highly experienced, personally dedicated advisors who excel at both strategy and execution. With 25-30 years’ experience—including in-house CEO and/or CFO roles with startups, international corporations, and Venture Capital firms—each executive has a unique combination of experiences that allow us to work in the best interests of both Venture Capital and Technology companies.

Hands-on: GCG provides the most cost-effective way to bring in high-quality executive management to growing organizations. While our flexible model allows organizations to scale up or down as their business changes, our scalable model doesn’t affect our level of dedication. We know we are most effective when we have a tight, trusted connection with our management teams, and we work hard to prove that we are personally committed to each client’s long-term success.