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We guarantee startups visa approval for O-1A Work Visas for the USA and EB2 NIW Green cards. As well up to 15% discounts for our partners referrals.
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Legalpad gets work visas and green cards for exceptional companies and their employees.

With a focus on helping founders and startups, our white glove approach makes getting work visas and green cards super simple, fast, and transparent. We offer guarantees of approval to venture backed founders for O1 visas, green cards and other immigration services.

Why work with us

Legalpad is exclusively focused on helping startups and their founders get work visas. We've helped hundreds of venture-backed founders get O-1 visas based on their fundraising and accelerator participation.

If you have any questions about US work visas or green cards, putting together a comprehensive plan for you or your employees is always free. Give us a shout if you'd like to understand all your options. Our team can help with anything from answer questions to getting your visa/green card approval.