Mixpanel guides startups to product-market fit so you can quickly convert, engage, and retain your best users. And now you can nail your product-market fit, for free. Join Mixpanel for Startups and receive $50,000 in free credits. If your startup was founded within the last 5 years and has raised less than $8 million in funding, you can tap into new avenues of growth with Mixpanel for Startups. You can use the $50k in credits to: Buy a plan to analyze data on 100K monthly tracked users (MTUs) and 100M events per month Cover overages for analyzing data of up to 430K MTUs and 430M events per month Purchase add-ons such as Group Analytics and Data Pipelines Every startup is in a race to deliver the greatest value to its customers before it runs out of cash. And while many startups rely on gut feelings to make product decisions, that’s an expensive way to find product-market fit. Mixpanel knows startups. And that’s why they offer a plan for every budget and a platform that can answer 99% of all your product questions in seconds. Join Mixpanel for Startups and build the best possible product. And when you’re ready to raise your next round of funding, Mixpanel can help you with that, too. Whether you’re on version 1.1 or 10.0, Mixpanel can help you grow with confidence and curiosity. If you expect rapid growth of well above 430K MTUs or would like assistance configuring your plan, please reach out to startups@mixpanel.com. Additionally, if you don't meet the eligibility requirements but are interested in the program, please reach out!
$ 50,000
$50K in annual credit towards Mixpanel Growth Plan
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Mixpanel helps companies measure what matters, make decisions fast, and build better products through data. With our powerful, self-serve product analytics solution, teams can easily analyze how and why people engage, convert, and retain—in real-time, across devices—to improve their user experience.

Mixpanel serves over 6,000 companies from different industries around the world, including Expedia, Uber, Ancestry, DocuSign, and Lemonade. Headquartered in San Francisco, Mixpanel has offices in New York, Seattle, Austin, London, Barcelona, and Singapore.