SaaS companies will receive waived platform fees (1% of traded volume) on every trade, valid for 12 months. Receive an instant cash payout to fuel the growth of your business without any form of debt.
$ 1,000
Waived Platform Fees on Every Trade
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Basic Info

Pipe is a platform that enables SaaS companies to trade their subscriptions for upfront cash up to the full annualized contract value of their subscriptions. We have empowered SaaS companies to use your existing assets to fuel growth and capital into your business…without additional dilution or debt.

Get approved on Pipe's platform to receive up to the full annual value of your booked monthly and quarterly subscriptions. You maintain full control and ownership of your customer relationships and there is no disruption to your business operations with a quick 3 minute application. Say goodbye to debt and use your existing assets to fuel the growth of your business.

We are waiving 1% platform fees for the first year through our partnership with Proven.

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Pipe is different from dilutive and restrictive debt. It is not a loan, debt, no warrant coverage or covenants, and requires no UCC1 filing.