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Basic Info

A bit about Retool
Retool is the fast way to build internal tools. You can create a UI with our drag-and-drop components in minutes then connect your tools to your own databases and APIs. Engineers currently use Retool to build apps to:

  • Enable customer support to refund payments, flag features, and approve users.
  • Manage KYC processes & approval workflows.
  • Explore files hosted in AWS S3 — with file previews!
  • Check progress toward KPIs in a custom dashboard.
  • Enable the marketing team to create and edit promo codes.
  • Export all customer data for GDPR compliance from any source with one click.
  • Allow operations teams to update GeoJSON regions when rideshare or delivery availability changes.
  • View PRs in GitHub to see which are blocked on your review, unassigned, or ready to merge

Why work with us

The core idea behind Retool is that all internal software looks remarkably similar because they only have a few building blocks: tables, dropdowns, buttons, text inputs, modals, etc.

Retool gives you these building blocks, and lets you assemble them using a drag and drop interface. For example, if you want to build an expense approval app, you just drag on a Table, two Buttons, and your front-end is ready to go. Built by developers, for developers.