1. Access your data Credits to use on the Segment product 2. Use your data $1M+ in over 40 deals on analytics, martech and raw data tools to get you set up with a stack (like AWS, Fullstory, Amplitude, etc) 3. Understand your data Mentorship, live office hours and educational materials on how to get set up with analytics and your first marketing and product analytics stack
$ 50,000
Segment Startup Discount + Program
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Basic Info

Stop wasting precious eng time building and maintaining integrations anytime you want to add or try out a new tool. Segment is the single platform that collects, translates, and routes your user data to 300+ analytics & marketing tools with the flip of a switch.

Why work with us

- Easily set up a robust, best practice stack that helps you compete with companies far larger and more complex in setup than yourself

- Let your product, design and go to market teams test and add new tools without spending any dev time - Find product market fit, have more effective investor calls and have more productive team conversations by harnessing the power of all your data from the very beginning