SixFifty helps organizations draft (and keep current) legal documents. Rather than paying an attorney by the hour, SixFifty offers predictable pricing in a subscription model. Companies who take advantage of this unique offer receive 10% off of any SixFifty subscription plan.
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10% discount on any SixFifty Subscription
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Basic Info

We worked with the law firm Wilson Sonsini to teach a computer to write legal documents like a lawyer. This resulted in the easiest, most affordable way to receive top-tier employment and privacy legal documents that stay up to date.

Why work with us

Powered by the expertise of Wilson Sonsini, our document automation engine eliminates the cost and hassle of creating the policies, contracts, and disclosures you need to be compliant with your employees in all 50 states and the various consumer privacy laws. That way, you can spend less time on the law and more time on your business.