As part of the Snowflake program, qualified startups who are building data applications on Snowflake have access to: Free Snowflake credits Access to experts in application design Marketing opportunities for participating startups via our community / case studies / events
$ 5,000
Free credits, access to experts, marketing opportunities, and more
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Snowflake's platform is designed to power applications with no limitations on performance, concurrency, or scale. Trusted by fast-growing software companies, Snowflake handles all the infrastructure complexity, so you can focus on innovating your own application.

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UNLIMITED SCALABILITY, CONCURRENCY: Snowflake’s multi-cluster, shared data architecture spins up additional compute clusters to support a near-unlimited number of concurrent users on shared tables without contention for resources.
SQL FOR ALL DATA: Use ANSI SQL to query structured and semi-structured data. Ingest JSON, Avro, Parquet, and other data without transformations or having to fix the pipeline every time the schema changes.
NO SRE/DEVOPS BURDEN: Developing and scaling data applications is complex. Snowflake automatically handles provisioning, availability, tuning, data protection, and other operations across multiple clouds for you.