All investors (VC, Angels, P/E, etc.) receive free licenses to Stack. This allows investors insight into the sales process and deal velocity of portfolio companies. Portfolio companies pay an affordable rate ($33/mo/user) for team members and can invite investors for free.
$ 25,000
Free Licenses for Investors
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Basic Info

Stack is a lightweight platform that helps businesses of any size build and optimize a Sales Cycles and strengthen Customer Relationships.

Integrates with HubSpot to keep sales reps in their CRM and to give Sales Ops & Leadership insights on deal velocity.

Why work with us

Stack will help your portfolio companies:

  • streamline their sales cycle
  • spend more time on deals that have a chance of closing
  • receive insights on deal velocity (what's moving quickly, slowly, & why)

We have experience as:

  • VC
  • Operators
  • Advisors