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Basic Info

TurnKey is the first –and only – remote software development firm built entirely around your needs.

Offshoring is so 2010. Our Yourshore model is intentionally designed to give you the very best remote engineering solution that solves for all the usual pain points that plague traditional offshore vendors:

1). We custom build your dedicated development teams from scratch so you always get a perfect fit.

2). We have a world class talent retention program that dramatically reduces churn.

3). We get you the Top 3% of talent in Eastern Europe and Latin America so you can pick the location that is best for you.

4). We give you total control of the team—teams are fully dedicated and follow your preferred development process.

5). We are super transparent about pricing and pay.

6). We are based in Silicon Valley so you always have someone to call at a moment’s notice.

We call it Yourshoring because this is YOUR dev team built around YOUR needs operating in YOUR culture working exclusively on YOUR roadmap and within YOUR rules.

It’s what offshoring should have evolved to but never did – until now!

We can’t wait to show you the Yourshore difference!

Why work with us

Software development is hard, making the choice of the right partner even more critical. TurnKey is hyper differentiated from other offshore software development firms in eight important ways:

1). TurnKey custom builds you dedicated teams that act as a long-term product development solution; many other firms force you to use whoever they have on their bench regardless of whether the individuals are a good fit for your specific needs.

2). TurnKey clients have complete control over their teams and how and when they work; other firms often force you to adopt a timeline or schedule that is more convenient for them.

3). TurnKey provides full transparency around pricing—you always know what your team gets paid and what you are paying us; most other firms force you to accept an opaque “rate card” that leaves you in the dark on one of the most important aspects of managing a team.

4). TurnKey offers a full-stack solution across all key development areas; other firms specialize in only one skill set, forcing you to cobble together individual freelancers on your own.

5). TurnKey hires and on-boards teams in weeks (not months), accelerating your speed to market; most other firms force you to put up with long lead times and increase your risk of missing product goals.

6). TurnKey sources all of our world class talent in Eastern Europe and Latin America, which combine high productivity and responsiveness with low cost, but are also culturally Western and English speaking; many other firms force you to use regions or countries that suffer from low productivity and where requirements too often get lost in translation.

7). TurnKey is based in Palo Alto, CA and all of our account managers are people who’ve been there, done that; most other firms force you to interact with someone overseas who is difficult to get in touch with and likely doesn’t understand all the nuances you are trying to solve for.

8). TurnKey is designed to be your long-term partner that champions and supports your success over time; many other firms force you into a transactional relationship that doesn't always have your best interests in mind.

Everyone at TurnKey is also devilishly good-looking and super fun to work with. Okay the former isn’t always true, but we ruthlessly stand by the latter...