Receive a 25% discount for the first 6-months of Zeni service plus waived setup fees, for an ongoing average savings of $20,000/year.
$ 25,000
Zeni: 25% discount for first 6-months, plus waived setup fees
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Basic Info

Zeni offers an AI-powered finance team with real-time dashboard to manage all the finance functions for your business on one platform — bookkeeping, yearly taxes, bill pay & invoicing, financial projects & budgeting, employee reimbursements and more.

Why work with us

Zeni gives customers the ability to manage their entire existing finance stack through one platform, one team, and access real-time insights, at unbeatable pricing.

  1. One platform to automatically manage everything. Unlike finance firms who operate in manual, distributed workflows, Zeni offers one platform where you can easily access, search and manage all of your company's finance functions in one place.
  2. Real-time financial insights. Zeni uses AI to automate time-consuming, manual bookkeeping functions and deliver key financial insights to customers in real-time, so business leaders can address issues with budgets, cash flow, etc. as it happens — not once your books are closed 15+ days post month's end.
  3. Unbeatable pricing. Zeni charges a set monthly fee based on your company's total monthly expenses. Our fees are typically 2-5x less expensive than that of a typical finance firm. No hourly billing, no surprises.