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Help your portfolio companies move faster, execute better and spend your money with the right partners

Proven lets your portfolio companies focus on the hard problems, while we give them the partners, vendors and tools they need to handle the rest ( and save a mint while they're at it )
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Allie Kun

“Proven makes managing our vendors easy and has saved lots of time and spreadsheet headaches!  With the platform, we're able to organize and share valuable discounts and perks with our Portfolio Companies - highlighting deals from both companies within the Sierra Ventures portfolio as well as a curated list of preferred vendors that we trust. I highly recommend checking them out!" ”

Allie Klun
Head of Platform, Sierra Ventures

Shanna Hendricks

"Proven has saved me countless hours searching for, and managing vendors. It allows me to say "Yes, we have a beautiful solution for vendor selection" The platform has been working great and the analytics helps me to validate the budget"

Shanna Hendricks,
Director, Portfolio Services

Repeatable, reliable partner sourcing to keep your portfolio companies on track

Startups need to focus on two things; product and sales. Every other tool, platform and service they need to support their businesses shouldn't be a drawn-out exercise in discovery. A minute spent deciding on an HR tool, managing payroll or finding a lawyer takes time away from making a better product and getting new customers.

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How would you prefer your portfolio companies spend their time?

Finding, validating and debating new service partners? Or would you prefer they make intelligent decisions fast? With everything platform and service they need, ready to go.

A partner for every problem, well-vetted and with major discounts

Proven is how smart startups choose the right vendors and partners.

Proven showcases the best partners/vendors for every job. Voted on by our community, continuously vetted by our platform and available to our members at steep discounts.

Your portfolio companies will move faster, spend less and waste fewer cycles, making poor ( but predictable ) choices.

Proven, the ***vendor operating system
for startups ***

Proven is trusted by the top venture firms in Silicon Valley and used by over 5000 portfolio companies worldwide.

Millions in savings
( over $20M to date )

We've used our extensive client roster to negotiate some of the best deals and steepest discounts in the market. Making your money go further and extending the runway for your funded companies.

A community of partners and vendors

Proven doesn't simply list Amazon as a supplier. Instead, when your portfolio company needs a service, they get the name, number and email address of the person inside Amazon who will personally help them get set up.

A platform built to keep everything on-track

Every conversation, every follow-up is tracked and reported on inside Proven. A vendor not moving fast enough, you'll know. Member of one of your teams not following through on conversations, you'll see that as well.

Data to
support it all

Detailed analytics lets you know how your portfolio companies are operating, what tools they're using and how much money they've saved—perfect intelligence for when your next funded venture needs to ramp up quickly.

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It takes only 15 minutes for us to show you how Proven will be your new favorite platform and the one your startups will love.

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Proven, the ***vendor operating system
for startups ***

Proven is trusted by the top venture firms in Silicon Valley and used by over 5000 portfolio companies worldwide.

At Proven, we believe in the power of working smart

What's the old story?

Being an entrepreneur is like being flung off a cliff and then trying to build a rocket ship on the way down.

Every startup venture is a one in a million shot. Even companies who've reached the level of being funded are scratching and clawing for every inch of progress.

With all the challenges startups and founders face, reinventing the wheel on every partner, every tool, every supporting platform shouldn't be one of them.

There are best practices. Validated solutions. Clear best of breed options. They need to be surfaced.

The choices have to be made clear and supported by data.

Our mission at Proven is simple.

Provide the help that startups need to focus.

Provide the best solutions to the myriad of "things" that need to get done, and have those solutions be the right choice every time.

We like this mission. We're proud of the companies we've been able to help build rocket ships.

We'd love to show you how to help your portfolio companies do the same.

The team at Proven.

You don't have to take our word for it

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