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  • Maintaining a Personnel File

  • Killing the Operations Manual

  • Realistic Portrayal of Cyber Warfare for Training

  • Assessing the Processes of Learning
    & Development for ROI

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If you look around your place of business, you’ll probably find a dusty shelf somewhere that contains an ancient archaeological relic.
Congratulations! Your business is expanding and you just hired a new employee.
“Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible to accomplish.” - Marcus Aurelius
This third article continues a four-part series intended to enable you to self-assess the “processes” of your Training & Development, or Learning & Development, or Knowledge Management System.
Volume 5, Issue 2 of Proven: Beyond the Process featured an article by Clare Carey, CPT, Ed.D., addressing five common myths about leadership and highlighting evidence-based realities from leaders within the fields of practice.
In this “Get the Word Out” section, Proven features press releases and conferences.


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