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From Perk Management to Vendor Organization, the only choice is Proven.

50% of the 10 largest VC firms in the world use Proven.
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PROVEN is for:

Venture Capital

Tired of using Excel, Notion or Airtable to track your vendors and deals?

Proven helps by bringing all of your vendors and deals into one online platform.

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Are you sick of vendors reaching out to you, asking for intros to your companies?

Our platform helps you to recommend the right vendors, pre vetted, to your portfolio companies.

Perk Management
made simple

Do you know how much value you're adding to your portfolio companies each month?

No more wasted time finding out vendor incentive perks. Our dashboard features one-click redemption and perks tracking. With Proven, show exactly how much you’re saving.

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Microsoft offers deals on Proven.

Sick of bad vendors? Let your portfolio companies leave reviews of vendors.

Not all companies are alike. Allow your portfolio companies to leave reviews of the experience they had with a vendor. With Proven’s in depth profiles, find service providers familiar with your industry and ideal for your scale, to deliver the right solutions for your unique needs.

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Special in-network deals

Simple one-click redemption of exclusive discounts for your closed community. Offering deals increases service provider visibility, so let them compete to save you the most money.

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Let Proven do all your vetting for you

All service providers are independently vetted by the Proven platform. Deflect inquiries and get down to making deals, not running background checks.

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Join some of the top VCs in Silicon Valley
already using Proven.

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Loved by industry leaders

Allie Kun

“Proven makes managing our vendors easy and has saved lots of time and spreadsheet headaches!  With the platform, we're able to organize and share valuable discounts and perks with our Portfolio Companies - highlighting deals from both companies within the Sierra Ventures portfolio as well as a curated list of preferred vendors that we trust. I highly recommend checking them out!" ”

Allie Klun
Head of Platform, Sierra Ventures

Shanna Hendricks

"Proven has saved me countless hours searching for, and managing vendors. It allows me to say "Yes, we have a beautiful solution for vendor selection" The platform has been working great and the analytics helps me to validate the budget"

Shanna Hendricks,
Director, Portfolio Services

The most frequently asked questions:

How do I get started?

Just send us an excel spreadsheet of your current vendors today, we will take care of the rest, branding everything to look like your website. We'll create a custom preferred vendor platform that only you and your portfolio companies can access, and which gives you full control of the system.

Do you offer a free plan?

For incubators, accelerators and very small VC funds we offer low cost plan. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

How do I give my portfolio companies access?

We make it simple for your portcos to access the platform. All they need is an email address.

Can I share our portfolio deals with other VC communities?

Yes, if some of your portfolio companies have a great deal to offer, we will consider it for our general perk network, Proven Deals. Please get in touch with us to let us know about your deal.

It takes a village to build an Empire

Proven’s one of a kind community platform helps you start building today.