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Help your business grow with introductions to the fastest growing companies in the world.

Make it easier for investors to connect with the right partners in your region, through a digital database of pre-vetted, experienced and legally compliant suppliers.

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The world’s leading tech companies use Proven to offer deals to the world's fastest growing companies.

Don’t let business be held back by your strategy of cold calling fast- growing tech companies.

Tech companies need your product and service. Why not offer it to them via our network of Venture Capital, Private Equity and Banking clients? 

Manually managing deals and perks that you give to partners is tedious and inefficient

Ensuring which startups are the right fit is challenging

Quantifying and tracking the results of the deals you give is impossible.

You can’t predict gaps in communication between investors and your company.

Drive business success with the fastest growing companies.

Update your company profile in real time.

Skip the hassle of reaching out to hundreds of companies. Go straight to the source.

Manage your relationship with hundreds of VC firms.

Proven allows you to update your company details, your offer or your point of contact, from one easy to manage profile.

Access useful insights

Know which companies are actively searching for products like yours and see if they're interacting with your brand.

Create opportunities globally.

Proven works with founders from Australia to Europe, in Japan and Silicon Valley. Why not offer your product globally?

Prove your credentials to clients.

Make it easy for buyers to choose your product over your competitors, by showing who uses your product. Startups buy products based on recommendations from their peers.

Work smarter, not harder.
Work through Proven.

Join a growing network of Venture Capital and Private Equity customers.

Venture Capital.

50% of the top 10 VC firms use Proven to recommend vendors.

Private Equity Firms

Some of the largest PE firms in the world use Proven today to help portfolio companies make the right decisions.


Customers of banks need access to your product too.

Proven’s recent successes

Over $58M worth of new deals in one year.

Proven is being used by one of the world's most successful VC firms to help their founders scale quickly and efficiently, to the tune of over $20M in savings for startups, but over $250M worth of new business created for partners.

Small now, big later

We helped introduce a tiny startup to vendor. That startup became one of the fastest growing unicorns, resulting in millions of dollars in deal value.

Long term relationship

Proven helped two great companies in the data management space to connect using our platform which has resulted in a multi year, high quality relationship.

Equity management

A leading US-based equity management solutions company is currently setting up Asian HQ via the Proven Platform.

Here’s what we look for in partners that work with Proven.


Companies trust companies that are trusted by their peers. The more you can show that you work with portfolio companies, the better

Fair opportunities

We want to work with suppliers that offer a fair discounts with no strings attached to our portfolio partners.

Quantifiable Results

We're looking for partners that understand the tech ecosystem, and have a strong track record of success in the field.

A hands-on approach

By building a customized platform for your agency, we take away the hassle of manually adding and updating partners to your network.

Allie Klun
Head of Platform, Sierra Ventures

“Proven makes managing our vendors easy and has saved lots of time and spreadsheet headaches!

With the platform, we're able to organize and share valuable discounts and perks with our Portfolio Companies - highlighting deals from both companies within the Sierra Ventures portfolio as well as a curated list of preferred vendors that we trust. I highly recommend checking them out!”

Get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Why do VC and PE firms trust Proven?
VC firms get hundreds of calls and emails from companies who want to do business with their portfolio companies. It's very hard for them to manage all the requests. VC and PE firms like to work with brands they know and trust. Proven helps by managing deals, discounts and perks from major vendors, as well as by providing a "preferred vendor database" for VC and PE firms. Proven is an 'invite only' platform where you are invited to create a profile.
How do we get invited to join a VC or PE community?
If you've worked with a VC in the past, you know how careful they are around recommending suppliers. VCs can invite you to join their Proven platform. You can also reach out to us and tell us who you've worked with, and we can try to help make an introduction.
Can you connect us with VC firms in Silicon Valley?
If you have worked with one of our customer's portfolio companies, then yes, we'd be happy to make an introduction.
Is there a cost?
There's no cost to be included in the platform. However, we're very careful about who we invite. We're looking for companies that have a proven track record of working with venture backed startups, that have good relationships with VC firms, and who are willing to offer their product or service at a deep discount to portfolio companies.
Can I join your platform as a vendor?
Just send us a spreadsheet of your current vendors and we’ll take care of the rest. We'll create a preferred vendor platform that only you and your portfolio companies can access, and give you full control of the system. We’ll even make sure the branding matches your website.

Give your prospects a good reason to contact you - and access to a platform that makes business easier

Tell us more about who you are, who you work with, and why you're a good fit for Proven.

Tell us more about your company