Help companies to discover, and invest in your region.

Proven works with leading FDI Agencies to help foreign investors to connect with service providers. You control the conversation.

Prove your region has what investors need

Through your investor history and local infrastructure, showcase your advantages.

Proven is for :

Economic Development Agencies

Proven showcases the best companies service providers who already work with you. With your portal of local service providers, investors can quickly get to work contacting local service providers, where you control who can talk to who.

Local Service Providers

Generate more leads with the top domestic and foreign investment companies. Become a featured part of your local EDA website by highlighting your verified client history, and grow your business.

Foreign Direct Investors

Simplify site selection by quickly comparing regions’ viability through their past and current FDI history. Connect effortlessly to local service firms to hit the ground running.

Attract the best companies to your region

Proven is a digital first platform that helps attract FDI investors to your region.
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43 recommended service providers

San Francisco

187 recommended service providers.


73 recommended service providers.


43 recommended service providers.

Proven’s successes

Our algorithm helps you to stay compliant by displaying your complete ecosystem of regional suppliers and service providers, right on our easy to navigate portal.


The secure, digital-first, economic development platform

Give your clients secure access to critical information right away. No more phone calls or paper trails. Do everything online. Our enterprise-grade servers ensure your data is safe.

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Let Proven do all your vetting for you

All service providers are independently vetted by the Proven platform. Deflect inquiries and get down to making deals, not running background checks.

Proven’s recent successes

The most frequently asked questions:

Why do EDO's use Proven?

Proven is designed to help EDOs to gather leads from companies who wish to connect with your region. If you work with service providers, then you know the symbiotic relationship that you have with them. Using Proven helps EDOs and FDI agencies to gather intelligence about companies who are thinking about setting up in your region, and who may not want to pick up the phone to you. These companies are browsing the ecosystem of partners that you want to promote in an online platform that you control.

Do you help us with getting set up?

Yes! We will take care of the entire platform for you.

Can we connect with VC firms in Silicon Valley?

Yes, Proven can help you connect with some of the fastest growing firms in silicon valley. We already work with the largest firms in the world.

How do I give my service providers access?

We make it simple for your service providers to access the platform. All they need is an email address.

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