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Help business flourish in your region with our suite of digital service provider solutions

Get on a customized platform that streamlines service provider selection and makes relationship-building easier.

See how Proven works for you

Your government agency has a great database of vendors.

What you don’t have is a way to reliably and easily connect them to businesses you work with.
We’re here to solve that.

You have no way to easily recommend service providers in a fair manner.

There is no centralized system for easy communication

You don’t know why a partnership didn’t work out

You have no clear way to measure the impact you’re making

You’re relying on antiquated tools to get the job done

Proven gives service providers in your network an easy path to growth.

Proven was conceptualized as a way for governments to connect businesses in their regions to the right service providers who will help them succeed.

We're designed to help you:

Build greater trust

Recommend the right partners with verified clients, who are experienced in the industry and niche your companies work in, to help them succeed faster.

Ensure transparency

Give every supplier in your network a fair shot at attracting business and working with your investors or exporters.

Get quantifiable results

Track the results of the FDI you invite, how much businesses in your network have scaled, and use the numbers to help your region grow.

Take a hands-off approach

By building a customized platform for your agency, we take away the hassle of manually adding and updating partners to your network.

The world’s best government agencies trust Proven to help promote vendor ecosystems.


187 recommended service providers


43 recommended service providers


73 recommended service providers


43 recommended service providers

The world's best investors trust Proven. Use Proven to connect with them.

Proven’s recent successes

New corporate headquarters

Proven is being used to help the new corporate headquarters of a $300M Public Company from India.

New R&D Facility

A Tier 1 Motor company set up a new R&D Facility using suppliers found on Proven.

Buildings to lease

A leading investment firm uses Proven to find partners to find buildings to lease.

Equity management

A leading US-based equity management solutions company is currently setting up Asian HQ via the Proven Platform.

Allie Klun
Head of Platform, Sierra Ventures

“Proven makes managing our vendors easy and has saved lots of time and spreadsheet headaches!

With the platform, we're able to organize and share valuable discounts and perks with our Portfolio Companies - highlighting deals from both companies within the Sierra Ventures portfolio as well as a curated list of preferred vendors that we trust. I highly recommend checking them out!”







Get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Have another pressing question or in need of specific assistance?

Do you help agencies with getting set up?
Yes! We will take care of the entire platform for you.
Can we connect with VC firms in Silicon Valley?
Yes, if your region offers things that scaling companies need, we can help you connect.
How do I give my service providers access?
We can help your service providers create profiles easily.
Can vendors apply to become part of our database?
Only vendors you invite can join.
Can I control the order in which companies in my network view vendors?
Yes, it's easy for us to do that.