Feb 28, 2023

Unlock The Power of a VC Platform: A Beginner Guide on Why You Need It, What To Look For and Why Choose A Platform?

Keeping track of several active projects while keeping abreast of portfolio performance can be challenging. When it comes to profitable investments, the right Venture Capital Portfolio Management Software can make all the difference, so it's crucial to take the time to research and pick the best platform for your requirements.

In this guide, we will cover:

  • Choosing the best platform solution to invest,
  • Why excel spreadsheets are slowly becoming obsolete,
  • The importance of a Platform Management Software and why you need it,
  • What to look for when choosing a PM software,
  • And lastly, why choose GetProven for your company.

Let's roll...

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Why should your VC fund invest in a platform solution?

If you're thinking about or already have a formalized post investment support strategy for your vc firm, consider investing in a software solution that can help you execute your platform strategy.

Most VC firms today understand the importance of hiring for platform roles, but their platform leaders often get stuck in redundant, time-consuming tasks such as manual data entry and chasing after outdated contacts.

For many funds, the platform role is still heavily under-utilized and few fund managers know how to measure the return on investment for investing in a platform team.

Many relationship building responsibilities typically fall under the supervision of the VC platform role yet without the proper tools to assist in operations and business development, the VC platform role often goes under-utilized and underappreciated.

So, the clear and simple reason for investing in a VC platform in today's digitally connected and data driven marketplace is first and foremost to assist your VC firm to optimize operations internally and to empower your platform hire to focus on what they do best - building relationships and helping your startups succeed.

Why a VC head of platform needs more than Excel Spreadsheets, Notion or Airtable

Excel spreadsheets won't cut it for most fast-moving VC firms especially if they provide post investment support. Assuming your firm has dedicated platform leaders who act as relationship managers to your startups, these individuals (or person depending on the size of your platform team) will still require more than just a spread sheet to do their best work.

Software that is specialized and designed explicitly for the venture capital industry, can automate certain processes, capture, track and measure more accurate data and saves your platform team valuable time.

Why is a Venture Capital Portfolio Management Software important?

Portfolio Management software aims to help you make better plans and decisions. It keeps everyone on the same page. Let's cover just a few of the main benefits both funds and founders can enjoy when a VC firm invests in platform.

Platform Management Software offers better capital allocation. The capital generated from fundraising sets the ball rolling for startups. It fuels their growth and enables them to access the resources they need to materialize the intended goal.

That comes with expenses. These expenses are funds allocated for carrying out fundamental business goals anticipated to generate quantifiable investment returns.

PM Software also has accurate data tracking and consolidation. You can produce diverse data sets that significantly impact any business using project portfolio management software.

The head of platform is more capable of managing a variety of portfolios all at once while creating standardized methods for gathering and cataloging data. That keeps them organized and creates data transparency across the board.

A PM Software also connects platform team and stake holders efficiently. Departmentalized procedures are over. A fully allocated team fosters productivity and creativity. A VC platform provides valuable and applicable feedback on whether a project should move forward by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Portfolio management software aids organizations' direction by allowing managers to concentrate on the specific tasks delegated to their designated teams. At the same time, leaders determine whether employees are being used effectively to achieve organizational goals.

What to look for when choosing your VC platform

We are recommending looking for a solution that offers the following:

  • Using the cloud to improve collaboration and communication.
  • A user-friendly, intuitive, visually driven interface
  • Simple analytics, metrics, and reporting

Let's dive into each of these.

Cloud-based management:

Using cloud-based computing tools, users can get the information they require anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection. PM software enables seamless integration with a quick setup and mobile accessibility, regardless of whether a process is already in place or still under development.

Each team receives benefits effortlessly across the board. Portfolio management software enables businesses to advance by utilizing the cloud's flexible computing capabilities.

Simple user interface:

A VC platform software's simplicity of use—the capacity to interact with the interface without extensive training—is a fundamental but crucial component. The best VC platform solution provides a high level of functionality without necessitating a high level of technical expertise.

VC platforms extensive functionality and simplicity of use enable users to:

  • Accelerate learning and training at all organizational levels.
  • Projects should be structured in a simple way to understand and manage.
  • Updating team data and directing human resources and skills to the right places
  • Quickly edit, update, and distribute reports, analytics, and data charts.
  • Access, both internally and externally, should be simple.

Why choose GetProven?

We believe that providing a platform where companies can easily and effectively find vendors is the best way to get the job done right. We’re here to help you remove the corrective spreadsheets and switch to a platform that updates itself.

Bringing your current vendor library on board and keeping pertinent information close at hand will save you time, while having vetted service providers in your network will help with the quality assurance process.

GetProven is a portal which connects companies in your portfolio with suppliers who offer special discounts. To determine how much your portfolio is saving, keep track of redemptions.

The data is organized in categories that are relevant to your business needs. You can view them all at once or filter them based on your preferences.

Getproven is a vendor verification platform that helps you to identify and vet your suppliers. We provide an easy way to verify vendors by providing a free access to our database of vetted vendors. Our database has been verified by our users, so you can use it with confidence. We help you to find the best possible suppliers for your business.

We believe that the best way to build a sustainable business is by building relationships with people. That’s why we’ve created a community where portcos can support each other, share advice, and collaborate on new ideas.

You already have free control over your vendor library and benefits. Why should you pay us to assist you? 

We're not just a list of deals, after all. We're a venture capital management platform built to help you save more than just cash.

With PROVEN, there will be no:

  • Wasting time conversing with suppliers who won't be a good fit for your portfolio.
  • Spending hours manually modifying your vendor database and perk list.
  • Your portfolio burning through funds by selecting pricy, unsuitable vendors.
  • Difficulty getting insight into the suppliers that your portfolio companies use.
  • Low ROI companies in your portfolio aren't expanding quickly enough.
  • Lack of clarity on how much you've reduced costs for your portcos

Spreadsheets and other markets cannot provide you with the flexibility, usability, and transparency that we can.

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Now is the perfect time to put a portfolio management solution into place to increase consistency across projects and keep an eye on your portfolio or programs overall.

Spreadsheets and other markets can't give you the flexibility, usability, and transparency that Portfolio Management Software can.

PM Software is vital because it consolidates data and connects teams and stakeholders. When choosing the right PM Software, you must consider whether it offers cloud-based management, allows workflow visualization, and has a simple user interface.

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