Jul 24, 2023

Breaking the Cycle of Failed Partnerships: A Vendor Management Platform to Revolutionize Buyer-Supplier Relationships

In many buyer-supplier relationships (especially in the venture capital industry), it's common for one or both parties to feel as though the other simply doesn't care about their business partnership.

Sometimes, it's more than just a feeling. You might be working with suppliers who only value you for the check at the end of the month. But more often, the real issue isn't a lack of genuine care but a communication breakdown that's fairly common between vendors and busy founders.

As head of operations in your VC firm, you have the power to revolutionize the way your fund and portfolio companies engage with their suppliers. 

Successful partnerships are a two-way street:

The dynamic of engaging, finding, and dealing with suppliers can be challenging since any successful business partnership requires active engagement from both parties, though sometimes, even just one party can determine the success or failure of the collaboration. This reality can either lead to a highly engaging and fruitful partnership or a frustrating and unsuccessful one.

Our vendor management platform for VC firms steps in to address this common issue and capitalize on the significant benefits that smooth supplier relationships can bring. Proven's primary goal is to permanently end failed buyer-supplier relationships.

Recognizing the potential for positive outcomes through effective collaboration, we aim to create a transformative solution that fosters strong connections between buyers and suppliers.

At the core of this initiative lies a solid Supplier Engagement Model, which serves as the foundation for responsible sourcing. By focusing on open communication, shared goals, and collaborative decision-making, our platform strives to redefine how buyer-supplier relationships are cultivated and sustained.

💡Introducing GetProven... With our Supplier Engagement Model, we aim to revolutionize the procurement landscape and empower businesses to forge lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships that drive success and growth.

The Reality of Failed Partnerships:

Before delving into the solution, it is vital to understand the challenges faced by buyer-supplier relationships in the venture capital industry. Many young founders have experienced frustrating partnerships, where one or both parties believe the other does not genuinely care about the relationship. Such sentiment often arises from miscommunication, unresolved conflicts, or unmet expectations.

These issues can have far-reaching consequences, affecting operational efficiency, product quality, and the company' bottom line. A paradigm shift is needed to break this cycle of failure and pave the way for collaborative success.

The Emergence of Vendor Management Platforms:

Vendor relationship management platforms are taking the VC world by storm because they recognize the significance of and help streamline the process of nurturing strong partnerships with suppliers. The right platform addresses the pain points buyers and suppliers face by implementing a Supplier Engagement Model that emphasizes transparency, value alignment, and continuous improvement.

Transparency and Communication:

At the core of the Supplier Engagement Model lies transparent and open communication. The platform establishes a channel for both parties to express their needs, expectations, and concerns openly. This proactive approach fosters a climate of trust and encourages buyers and suppliers to work together as true partners. Regular meetings, feedback sessions, and joint planning facilitate a deeper understanding of each other's business objectives.

Value Alignment for Common Goals:

A solid VC platform that includes vendor management recognizes that successful partnerships stem from aligning values and goals. The portfolio companies each posses specific objectives which should be factored in before determining which suppliers to work with. Both parties can collaborate more effectively when shared interests and overarching objectives are clearly defined. This alignment extends beyond short-term gains, encouraging a long-term vision emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility.

Continuous Improvement for Lasting Success:

A stagnant partnership is destined to fail. To ensure continuous growth, the platform leaders should encourage a culture of improvement and learning from past experiences. Regular evaluations of supplier performance and open dialogues regarding strengths and areas for development create a cycle of constant enhancement.

Recognizing Excellence:

A great platform team recognizes that incentivizing suppliers for excellent performance can be a powerful motivator. Suppliers are encouraged to maintain high standards and go the extra mile to meet buyer expectations by offering rewards for exceptional service and delivery. Working with the right partner or vendor software can enable you to automate and monitor some critical metrics making it easier to know when to address of acknowledge supplier performance.

Mitigating Risk Through Proactive Measures:

Anticipating and managing risks is vital for sustainable partnerships. Your platform strategy should clearly outline how each of the areas your fund offers post investment support are protected against common risks. In the case of vendor relationships, you want to work with a platform that equips your portfolio companies with tools to assess and mitigate potential risks associated with suppliers.

Early identification of red flags allows for timely interventions, minimizing the chances of disruptions in the supply chain network.

Empowering Suppliers Through Training:

Recognizing that supplier success is synonymous with buyer success, your platform team should invest in supplier capacity-building initiatives. Some firms have developed platforms that offer training programs and support to enable suppliers to meet the startups' standards and requirements effectively. This empowerment leads to enhanced supplier performance and stronger partnerships.

Leveraging Technology for Data-Driven Insights:

One of the main benefits of leveraging technology for business development or portfolio and firm management is that platform serves as a tool that provides data-driven insights into supplier performance, risk analysis and areas for improvement. This data-centric approach empowers startup founders to make informed decisions, optimize their sourcing strategies, and enhance overall efficiency.


Every platform manager knows the high costs of failed buyer-supplier relationships. We've designed our vendor software to finally eliminate the most problematic aspects of vendor relationships and our aim is to revolutionize how portfolio companies outsource, buy and trade within their ecosystem.

Our Supplier Engagement Model is centered on transparency, value alignment, collaboration, and continuous improvement. The concept is by no means unique to us but we are committed to executing with excellence to ensure greater efficiency for the platform roles working hard to support their founders. As startups and suppliers embrace this transformative approach, a new era of productive and fulfilling partnerships emerges, driving growth, innovation, and shared success. Want to see our model in action? Book a call.

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