Feb 22, 2022

What are the most popular vendors and tools for early stage startups?

We’ve crunched the data and analyzed thousands of requests over the past 3 years. Proven is a platform that VC firms use to award credits and perks to startups, and it’s used by the top VC firms. Looking at this data, it looks at the most valued startups tools, and what products startups really need to grow their business. We took sample data from all the VC firms that we work with and aggregated the data. 

Recently, the entire world has experienced a wave of new businesses and start-ups, which can be attributed to growing opportunities and evolving tech across the globe. It is becoming easier and easier to start a company, and cheaper than ever.  These new businesses need third-party support in all sorts of areas. How can founders spend less time choosing software and more time building their businesses? Founders should not end up spending a lot of their time and energy in looking for and negotiating with the right partners and vendors. 

GetProven provides investment firms and their portfolio companies with a simplified platform that curates all their vendor needs. By creating a network of vendors that is easy to navigate and minimizes user effort, it adds great value to the startups’ growth. GetProven has facilitated thousands of vendor deals that have led firms and portfolio companies to receive reliable support for requirements like CRM, Talent Acquisition, and Data Management. 

Based on the analysis of the past 24 months of data from a multitude of VC firms, we have come up with the top 20 tools that early stage companies like to work with. 


Stripe is one of the most popular transaction services among all types of companies, from startups to big enterprises. The service helps them create seamless payment solutions.

Amazon - AWS

Amazon Web Services has been a game changer for many companies. By creating an entire ecosystem of services, ranging from analytics to cloud financial management, it has proven to be of significant value. Companies have availed its services successfully to their benefit and growth on the GetProven platform. 


Another holistic solution for businesses that need CRM services is Hubspot. The platform takes care of the company’s marketing, sales, content management, and customer service needs with its sophistically built ecosystem. 

Google Cloud

When it comes to credible tech, Google is tough to beat. Google Cloud brings its suite of software services to companies, providing them an end-to-end range of products that take care of the business’s internal and external needs. 


Another popular service provider on the GetProven network that has proven to be of value to companies is Twilio. By enabling simplified solutions to engage and communicate with customers, Twilio has helped several businesses streamline their customer experience through multi-channel support. 


Internal communication within a company is as essential as the external one. Notion has been a popular choice with companies for their internal communication and engagement. By providing an efficient system of communication, it helps companies streamline their workflow and interact better with their co-workers. 


For every business, whether new and dynamic or old and established ones, confidentiality is of utmost importance. Not having the right solutions to secure data can cost a business exponentially. DocSend has been a go-to choice for firms and companies, allowing them to share their data and assets securely among their employees and partners.  


Another popular choice for CRM and customer interaction needs is ZenDesk. While it provides CRM tools and solutions with great quality, it also integrates with your current business apps to maximize returns and productivity. ZenDesk also provides an intuitive, centralized tool for your sales representatives to work effectively. 

Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

The pandemic has accelerated the usage of digital communication tools like Zoom, which has proven to be a popular choice among companies. By appointing Zoom as their official communication partner, many portfolio companies have benefited and been able to seamlessly keep growing, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic.


Airtable is a workplace tool that accelerates the potential of your team. Its integration and easy to use interface has made it a popular choice among firms for their portfolio companies. 


Carta helps thousands of private companies and investors manage their cap tables, valuations, investments, and ESOPs. By making equity management as simplified as Carta does, it ensures that the firms get to invest their energy in the right places. 


Freshworks provides a range of services that enable day-to-day functions for companies. With services ranging from HR Management, Customer Services, Market and Sales Automation, Freshworks is one of the top vendors on the GetProven network. 


Talent is a key aspect when it comes to a business’s growth. Deel has helped a large number of companies and firms hire the right talent, and also make the hiring and payments processes easier and simplified. With the help of Deel, businesses can manage talent at an international scale with ease. 

Linkedin Marketing for Startups

Linkedin is one of the largest networks of workplaces, talent and organizations. With all its assets, it has proven to be a huge resource for startups. It’s proven to be a trusted platform with the right audience that has sharp intent, helping start-ups make efficient use of their time and resources. 


Empowering the internal functioning of companies, Retool provides them with a unique way to build tools for all their requirements. What makes Retool one of the most used vendors on the platforms is the fact that it uncomplicates access to data sources and UI libraries. With an increasing number of tech startups, Retool has retained its popularity among firms. 


As profit becomes increasingly data driven, acquiring the right data that can help your business grow is essential. Segment is one of the leading Customer Data Platforms on the GetProven network and has helped several firms empower their businesses with accurate and resourceful data. 


The world of startups is a dynamic one. New businesses rely on collaboration more than ever, which is why tools and services like Figma are a great way for companies to help their partners and employees collaborate and contribute. Figma is a tool that connects everyone involved in the design process with ease, allowing them to contribute virtually. 


Microsoft Suite has proven to be a great resource for businesses over the years. It is no surprise that with its wide range of services that enable any business to run effectively, it is one of the top services available on the GetProven platform.


Businesses grow when great minds come together. Some of the most successful solutions have come out by the right teams collaborating and brainstorming. Miro is a tool that has not let problems like the global pandemic come in the way of this collaboration. 

How GetProven Adds Value

GetProven ensures easy access to top-line service providers for startups. It saves you time from searching for the right providers with never-ending email trails and meetings that take away a chunk of time and attention from other more important agendas.

Another aspect of the GetProven platform that helps ensure success is the pre-vetting done for the companies. It verifies the existing clients that the listed vendors have, creating a layer of credibility, saving the companies time and money that goes into background checks and unnecessary marketing efforts.

Rankings is another way that saves you time by letting the companies rate the vendors for their services and relationship management. GetProven creates a peer verification system that allows others to simply replicate the vendor portfolio of other successful companies. By listing the vendors based on their ranking, it offers the most promising vendors up top.

While the replication model works for some firms, others have a more diverse set of portfolio companies and require customization. In these cases, the platform provides an in-depth analysis and matches companies with the perfect vendors who have the right expertise based on specific company needs and requirements. For more details, please go to www.getproven.com 

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