Apr 10, 2023

Maximize Your ROI With The Best Venture Capital Software For Vendor Management

As a VC platform manager, you know the importance of effective vendor management. You need to make sure that your portfolio companies are working with reliable vendors that can help them grow their businesses.

However, managing vendors can be a tedious and time-consuming task. In fact for a long time, the venture capital industry has relied on nothing more than excel spreadsheets to support their new startups.

Philip McNamara (who also happens to be our CEO) often recounts the struggles he faced when he first arrived at Silicon Valley intending to launch his first business. The best one could get was an outdated spread sheet that barely helped founders discover the best deals for their unique circumstances. He also got ripped off by various vendors (including a law firm that charged $250 for a two minute voicemail!)

Thankfully, our industry is progressive and we're now embracing technology as part of this all important process. And that's where vendor management software for venture capital comes into play.

In this article, we will discuss how the best venture capital software for vendor management can help you maximize your ROI.

What do we mean by VC Vendor Management Software?

In venture capital, vendor management software is a solution that helps venture capitalists provide post investment support to their founders. It is specifically designed to help VC teams manage their portfolio companies, track their investments, and make informed decisions about their investments.

Venture capital software solutions that streamline processes and improve vendor-founder relationships come in different forms depending on the firms needs, resources and objectives. We'll focus on the vendor management software solution because that is our passion and area of expertise.

Benefits of Using Venture Capital Software for Vendor Management

Investing in a vendor management software solution can offer several benefits for your VC fund, including:

Streamlined processes:

A vendor management software solution can help automate and streamline many of the processes associated with managing vendors.

That can significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage vendor relationships, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities.

Improved communication:

Vendor management software solutions often include communication tools that can help facilitate communication between your team and vendors.

That helps keep everyone is on the same page and in our case, clients using GetProven say issues are resolved quickly as a result of using our software solution.

Enhanced compliance:

Vendor management software solutions can help ensure that your vendors are meeting regulatory requirements and that your fund is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This can help mitigate risk and avoid potential fines or penalties.

Better data management:

A vendor management software solution can help you keep track of important vendor data, such as contracts, invoices, and performance metrics. That makes it easier to monitor vendor performance and identify areas for improvement.

Think about how much time, money and energy that saves you and your team not to mention mitigate vendor-related issues within your portfolio.

Increased transparency:

By providing a centralized repository for vendor-related data, a vendor management software solution can help improve transparency and accountability within your fund's ecosystem. That in turn can help build trust with investors and other stakeholders.

Before pulling the trigger on a software solution that supports your startups, keep this in mind:

1) Ease of use:

The software solution should be intuitive and easy to use, both for your team and for your portfolio companies. The easier the software is to use, the more likely it is that your team and your vendors will actually use it.

2) Customization:

Look for a vendor management software solution that can be customized to meet your specific needs. This will help ensure that the solution works well for your particular VC firm and portfolio companies.

3) Integration:

Make sure that the vendor management software solution integrates with the other tools and systems that you use. That way you get to streamline your workflows and ensure that data is properly synced across systems.

4) Security:

Many vendor management software solutions handle sensitive data, such as financial information and contract details. Make sure that the solution you choose has robust security measures in place to protect this data.

5) Reporting and analytics:

Look for a vendor management software solution that includes robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Why? Because you always want to track vendor performance and identify areas for improvement.

6) Support and training:

Choose a vendor management software solution that offers robust support and training resources. In today's information-heavy world, your platform team deserve to work with software services that offer continued education and tutorials that can make users more efficient.

7) Cost:

Finally, consider the cost of the vendor management software solution. Look for a solution that provides the features and capabilities you need at a price point that fits within your budget.

Wondering how a vendor management software could give your platform team a boost and improve your chances of getting a high ROI?

Suppose your platform role requires you to offer post investment support to founders that enables them to deal with the most pressing areas of their business. In that case, handling vendor relationships should be one of your main priorities because, let's face it, for most startups, vendor management is a huge headache.

If your platform does a poor job connecting vendors with founders, there's a higher chance of inefficient use of resources, communication breakdown and higher risk of errors, delays and disruptions. All of which cost your founders time and money.

Part of business development and fostering success for your fund is to provide your community with the best software solutions at your disposal.

Your portfolio companies need you to conduct due diligence on their behalf and leverage your experience, connections and vendor network to get them the best services.

It might be hard sometimes to prove the value of your efforts and how that impacts the bottom line to you firm but with modern tools and VC software solutions it's becoming easier to track and measure some of these intangibles.

Over time, the right tools and data tracking can help you prove the impact of your VC platform role. But none of that is possible if you don't lay the right foundation when building your platform by picking a good vendor management solution.

Steps platform roles should follow to prove their efforts and the value of a good vendor management reporting software

Here are the simple steps any platform hire can implement if they are confused about how to get the most out of their VC software solution.

  1. Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Define KPIs that are directly tied to the efforts of the platform. These KPIs should be specific, measurable, and achievable.
  2. Use the vendor management software to track vendor performance: Use the vendor management software to track vendor performance against the defined KPIs. That way, you identify vendors that are performing well and those that may need improvement.
  3. Analyze data and identify trends: Analyze the data collected through the vendor management software to identify trends and areas for improvement. This will help you make data-driven decisions to optimize vendor relationships and improve performance.
  4. Report on progress: Report regularly on progress made towards achieving the defined KPIs. This part is critical to your performance and success. It will help demonstrate the impact of the platform roles and why investing in a robust platform matters. Moreover, it proves your efforts and provides transparency to stakeholders.

How to maximize your return on investment by boosting and proving the value of the vendor tool to your fund.

  1. Set clear goals: Set clear goals for the use of the vendor management software. These goals should include the following: reducing costs, increasing efficiency, or improving vendor performance. Make sure the goals can be tied to specific KPIs that can be measured and tracked over time.
  2. Track ROI: Use the vendor management software to track the ROI of vendor relationships over time. The best vendor management tools will have the capacity to help you track these data sets and that's how you can demonstrate the value of the software and the impact it has on the bottom line.
  3. Communicate ROI: Communicate the ROI of the vendor management software to stakeholders regularly. Your fund manager, investors and other stakeholders cannot understand the value a platform hire brings to the table unless it's regularly communicated and demonstrated. Use the data you team gathers to convey the impact on performance and how many money is saved as a result.
  4. Continuously optimize: Continuously optimize vendor relationships using the data collected through the vendor management software. That will help ensure that the software is delivering the best possible ROI.


Failing to streamline vendor management relationships for your VC portfolio companies can have serious negative consequences, including reduced profitability, increased risk, compliance issues, and missed opportunities for growth.

Conversely, working with the right tools can significantly increase your chances for success. Most funds don't realize this until it's too late.

That's why such responsibilities typically fall under the purview of a VC platform role because as a multi-skilled professional who understands the importance of right relationships, communications community and proper networking, you are best suited to resolve the vendor management issue.

Of course tensions rise when no one can accurately determine the results of your efforts. Until recently of course.

You now have the ability to create your own rule book and demonstrate to the whole firm why a VC platform role is a big deal. And all you have to do to get there is work with the right tools.

Speaking of which, have you seen what our vendor management solution can do for you and your startups?

We take ROI seriously. Book a call to learn how we are saving startups hundreds of thousands each year.

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